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What We Do
We work at the intersection of utility networks and geographic information systems.  Our focus is to provide customers with a solid foundation for supporting utility GIS applications.  Elements of this foundation include a data model designed to meet your business needs and processes to load and maintain the Geodatabase that is built for you based on that model.

BSL experience in utility GIS data modeling, migration and maintenance can help ensure the success of your GIS implementation project.

“Data, its always the data!”
In his classic book “Building Your ArcFM” this is how Jeff Meyers paraphrased the late Vince Lombardi’s lament, “The knee, its always the knee,” about setbacks.  Of course Lombardi was talking about football injuries and Meyers about GIS implementation project injuries.  Both can be costly.   And there’s no surefire way to prevent either, but at least for GIS projects bringing experience, knowledge and dedication to bear on data-related tasks can move your project forward.

BSL has direct familiarity with over 100 electric, gas, water and wastewater geographic databases.

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